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How to Create Your Own Custom Wedding Stamp

Using a wedding rubber stamp is a perfect way to add a unique and personal touch to your wedding stationery. There are different types of sizes and designs to choose from. Hence, you can find the perfect stamp according to your requirements. Whether you wish to use them on your thank you notes or cards, food cards, wedding invitations, or even other things, a custom wedding stamp is an amazing way to make things more attractive and interesting.

What is a wedding rubber stamp?

A wedding rubber stamp is a specific type of rubber stamp that is used for your wedding favors, wedding invitations, save-the-date cards, and many more to make the entire event more interesting and memorable without investing a lot.

What are custom wedding stamps?

A custom wedding stamp is usually made with both the names of the bride and groom and also the date of the wedding, and can even be made to match the actual theme of the wedding. Thus, to make your wedding a really memorable event, you can trust a premiere custom wedding stamp-making company or wedding monogram generator, like Stamp By Step. Wedding planning is a really fun thing, and you can make it more enjoyable by choosing one of the best custom wedding stamps. 

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How to create your own custom wedding stamp

You can make your own custom wedding stamp just by following some easy steps. You just need to buy a few inexpensive materials to add a special touch to everything related to your wedding. So, let us discuss the important details regarding the entire procedure.

Materials you will need

  • A specific stamp design, preferably printed on paper.
  • Parchment baking paper or translucent tracing paper.
  • A scrap of wood.
  • One block of stamp rubber.
  • Wood glue.

Important tools you will need

  • A carving tool with various types of tips.
  • A pencil.
  • An ink pad.
  • A permanent marker.
  • Sandpaper (optional).
  • Hand saw (optional).

Important instructions you need to follow:

  • Select a specific design

The artwork you use needs to only include one color besides the background because the completed stamp will only be able to show both negative and positive spaces.

Tips: If you are trying to create your own stamp for the first time, you can try to go with a chunky and simple design rather than one that includes lettering or thin lines, and hence, these are some of the most difficult things you need to carve. Also, you can even find out a collection of some attractive and free clip art online if you are not good at drawing things or creating your own design.

  • Size the design

It is vital to ensure that your design can perfectly fit the desired dimensions of your customized stamp. You can select a good size to start, such as near about foursquare inches. If possible, you can have a printout at the required size or even render it on another flat area or surface, such as a tablet.

  • Trace the design onto parchment paper

Now, you need to lay a piece of small translucent paper over your selected design and then use a pencil to fill in the places that you need to be inked by the finished stamp. Next, you need to go over the design multiple times to make sure all the important and “positive” areas of the design are covered in graphite while all the “negative” parts are free from smudges or extra marks.

  • Transfer your design onto your carving rubber

After tracing the design, you need to position the design near a corner of the carving block, to keep the rest of the rubber free for making stamps in the future. Next, you need to firmly press the design onto your carving block, pencil-side-down. Then you need to rub the parchment paper firmly to make sure as much graphite as possible can transfer onto the block. While you lift the paper, it is important that you can see a mirror image of your design on the surface of your rubber.

  • Prepare the carving tool 

Speedball can make the most widely available carving tool, so you may end up with their red plastic one. The back part of the handle of this tool can unscrew and the spare carving points can be easily stored inside it. Each carving tip includes a sharp U-shaped blade that can be perfect for gouging rubber.

  • Start carving the rubber

Now, you start the procedure of creating the outline of your design. In this step, you can start by slicing away any blank rubber that can border the places that are graphite-coated. Your cuts need to sink a few millimeters into the material. It is very easy to hold the tool itself steady while turning the rubber block under your hand to navigate the blade into corners and also fine-tune various small details.

  • Cut your stamp

Now, you can switch to the knife tool and then separate the area that bears your design from the rest part of the rubber. This will make your stamp much easier to maneuver as you need to carve further.

  • Remove larger areas

After all the outlines between blank paper rubber and graphite have been carved, you need to switch to a slightly larger tip and check them once again. You need to be sure to remove the blank rubber while leaving the design intact. You can carve a little deeper, but remember not to cut any further than about a third of the way into the rubber block.

Now, you can continue to switch to progressively larger carving areas and remove more areas of blank rubber from your stamp’s surface. Eventually, just the graphite design will protrude as a level surface, and the rest part of the rubber needs to be indented where you carved the blank parts away.

  • Testing the stamp

Now, you can give your custom wedding stamp a trial run. Just brush away all extra rubber crumbs and pat ink onto your stamp with the ink pad. Next, press the stamp onto a little piece of paper and check out the design that it produces. You may see a few extra black lines around the edges of the design that you haven’t carved deep enough.

  • Adjust your wedding stamp 

After testing the stamp, you can make necessary adjustments by removing the excess rubber. In this step, you may need to perform several test stamps before you get the best one as per your requirements.

  • Give your stamp a stylish look

Now, you can use a hand saw and cut a scrap of wood to almost the shape and size of your stamp while leaving a margin around all sides.

However, if you are not confident enough to complete this step, you can even contact a reliable wedding monogram generator, such as Stamp by Step to complete the task with perfection.

  • Stamp the wood

Now, you can ink up your stamp and press it onto the top of the wood piece and have your own custom wedding stamp.

  • Attach the rubber stamp

Lastly, you need to use strong wood glue to attach your wedding rubber stamp to the bottom part of it’s new base. Hence, you can apply your stamp with ease and get clear impressions whenever you need.

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Thus, if you need to create your own custom wedding stamp, you can follow the steps mentioned above. However, if you do not wish to perform this procedure, you can use a wedding logo template or even contact a reliable wedding stamp maker, like Stamp By Step.