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Personalized Wedding Stamps- A Unique and Personal Token

A wedding is one of the most vital occasions in your life, and hence, you may want to make it more special by adding a few personal touches throughout the procedure. You can personalize the foods, your decorations, and even the envelopes and stamps that can make your wedding more colorful. For this, you can contact a professional wedding stamp maker and ask them to create some amazing stamps for your wedding.

A personalized wedding stamp is a sure and very attractive way to make your wedding more memorable and unique. So, now let us dive deep into some important pieces of information regarding personalized wedding stamps and how these can make your wedding more special.

Nowadays, DIY wedding projects and invitations are very popular among young couples who are planning to get married. One of the best ways to use personalized wedding stamps is to opt for custom stamps. You can use a specific stamp to customize your table cards, wedding invitations, and giveaways, among several other things.

A rubber stamp is a small tool that you need to dip in ink and press on paper to print dates, names, and several other important pieces of information or symbols. In most cases, people use the word “rubber stamp” as the collective term to mention these tools. However, aside from the material rubber, these stamps are also made from various other materials like foam, acrylic, and even clear polymer.

So, now let us talk about the various types of wedding stamps because each of them has its own benefits to offer and can help you by complimenting your wedding theme as much as possible.

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Various types of personalized wedding stamps

If you are also planning to have a personalized stamp for your wedding, you can contact a reliable wedding logo generator to complete this task. There are various types of attractive personalized wedding stamps that can make your wedding really unique, such as:

  • Clear Acrylic Stamps

Clear acrylic stamps need to be mounted on a specific block before they are ready for use. As these stamps are very clear, you can easily place them onto the block properly.

Pros: These Stamps have an adhesive surface. You can mount them easily without the need to use foam or even glue. These beautiful stamps are really affordable and come with various images.

Cons: The drawback of opting for clear acrylic stamps is that they often sift images. To solve this problem, you just need to stamp it lightly for an attractive and sharper image. Moreover, clear acrylic stamps are not very durable like other types of rubber stamps. They are even more prone to ink stains. Though the ink tends to leave marks or stain all kinds of stamps, the stains are more visible in the case of clear acrylic stamps.

  • Mounted Stamps

As you may find out from the name, this kind of rubber stamp is usually mounted on a wooden block permanently. 

Pros: With these stamps, aside from ink, there is no need to purchase any other supplies. You can find these stamps in a variety of attractive wedding designs as well as a polished and clean look.

Cons: The drawback of opting for these mounted stamps is that they are big in size and hence, are hard to store. However, if you need just one or two wedding stamps that are mounted stamps, then storing them wouldn’t be an issue. In addition, you should take extra care of the wooden block of your mounted wedding stamp. You need to avoid exposing it to extreme heat or soaking it in water, as these could damage the wooden part and create cracks.

  • Unmounted Stamps

As the name implies, this kind of wedding stamp is not mounted on a wooden block permanently. These stamps are known as unmounted stamps because these are mounted temporarily with the help of cling foam or glue. You will find multiple types of unmounted wedding stamps.

Pros: An interesting thing about unmounted stamps is that they are more affordable than mounted stamps. You can also find them in sheets that include not just one but multiple images. Similar to their mounted counterparts, the unmounted stamp variety can also offer a polished and clean image.

Cons: The downside to opting for this unmounted stamp is that you need to mount it onto a block prior to you can use it. You may also need to purchase some glue, foam, or several other adhesives to mount the stamp onto the block. You will also need a sharp knife or a pair of scissors to cut the design of the stamp from the sheet.

  • Foam Stamps

Foam is a very important type of material that you can make into your personalized wedding stamps. These foam stamps are really affordable than other types of stamps.

Pros: One of the most important advantages of foam stamps is that they are very lightweight. They are also a good option for bigger stamping projects, like tablecloths, posters, and even table runners.

Cons: The drawback of foam stamps is that they have limited wedding patterns and designs. Also, they are not as detailed as their clear acrylic or rubber counterparts. They even need a greater amount of ink to create a clear and good image.

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In how many ways can you use your personalized wedding stamps?

If you have your own personalized wedding stamps, you can use them in multiple ways to make your wedding completely unforgettable. So, after selecting your personalized wedding stamps, you can use them is ways such as:

  • Wedding Program

You can create a customized look for your printed wedding programs just by adding a specific personalized stamp to each one. They will definitely leave a long-lasting impression on the members of your entourage and other guests on your special occasion.

  • Wedding Invitations

Your wedding invitation is one of the most important things that your friends, family, and other guests will see. So, it is vital to make it really special by using a wedding stamp personalized on the envelope, the invitation, and even the save-the-date card. Your wedding stamp personalized will add an elegant touch to the wedding invitation, which your guests can even keep as a remembrance of the occasion even after the wedding.

  • Decorations

Your wedding stamps do not have to be used only to mark your programs, invitations, or cards. You can even use it to decorate cupcake stickers, food labels, and also favor bags. You can use these stamps just in anything that is related to your wedding.  For this, you can contact an experienced wedding stamp maker, like Stamp By Step, to give a special touch to your wedding.

  • Thank You Notes

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After the wedding, you can use your personalized stamp on the thank you notes and cards. Your guests will definitely appreciate this warm and meaningful gesture.

So, no matter what kind of wedding you want for yourself or how many guests you need to entertain, you can easily use a few personalized wedding stamps to make the entire occasion more special and memorable. Hence, you should always trust a reliable and professional wedding stamp maker, like Stamp By Step to have personalized wedding stamps, to have a unique wedding. 

Wedding Stamp

The Connection between Wedding Invitations and Stamps

Various festivals and functions usually make life more joyful and full of life. From ancient times, people generally liked to celebrate their joy with loved ones during any memorable occasion. A wedding is one of the most popular occasions in almost every country. While inviting people to this special function, you must try your best to put your effort in every possible way. Attaching a number of wedding stamps can actually appreciate your effort in a positive way.   

The idea of adding specific wedding rubber stamps to the invitation card instead of mailing wedding invitations can enrich the overall wedding arrangement instantly. However, you should gain a good knowledge of custom wedding stamps to receive a better result. Thus, you will surely understand the accurate way of adding wedding stamps without facing any more issues. 

Ways to look for wedding stamp makers

  • You can search for renowned wedding stamp makers in your locality to discuss your thoughts clearly. This is how you will be able to make the executives understand your actual plan. 
  • Apart from this, the online portals of modern wedding logo generators can also help you to choose your desired designs for the stamps according to your budget. You can actually customize your own wedding stamps online without visiting any store. It can save your valuable time with ease.  
  • You can also go for vintage wedding stamps to provide a classic as well as a unique look to the cards for sure. This particular step can clearly shows your seriousness towards this function for sure. People generally choose birds, fruit, and flower designs for weddings. You select any available design according to your choice for sure.

Size and shapes of wedding stamps

Shapes and sizes of personalized wedding rubber stamps need to be decided by you. According to the size of the invitation card, you can go for any size of personalized wedding stamps with ease.  

Why do people prefer wedding stamps?

There are a number of reasons behind the popularity of custom wedding stamps. These below-mentioned points will make you realize why many people add wedding stamps to their wedding invitation cards for sure.

  • People add these stamps to make the date of the wedding memorable for all the invited guests and relative. Thus, they will be able to memorize the anniversary date quite easily.
  • By observing customized seals on the invitation card, the invited people will feel touched and blessed. They will realize your concern towards them for sure.
  • In some families, attaching wedding rubber stamps is becoming a tradition now. 
  • Decorating your wedding invitation cards in an accurate way can also be a reason for sure. Right after attaching amazing personalized wedding rubber stamps to the card, you can easily observe the instant change. It will definitely look more classy and meaningful.    

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 Options for wedding stamp design

  • The used stamps can be in text only. These wedding stamps will provide a classic touch to your wedding cards.
  • Most people prefer floral design for the wedding stamp design as it looks prettier.
  • Many people go for wedding logo generators to bring an uncommon touch with ease.
  • Different kinds of images can also be used particular designs for any wedding stamp for sure.
  • In modern times, couples like to add the couple motto design to beautify the wedding function for sure.

Different kinds of wedding stamps

There are a number of options for wedding stamps nowadays. Each and every kind has its advantages and disadvantages as well. This particular information can help you to choose the best one for you according to your requirements. Apart from this, you can also order wedding stamps online by selecting the appropriate option according to this knowledge with ease.

  • Wood-mounted rubber stamps:

Wood-mounted rubber stamps are the most popular of all. People find it more convenient compared to any other option. The durability of these stamps can also be a reason to choose them for sure. 


Several bright color collections of these stamps help you to decorate your wedding invitation cards more attractive than ever. These stamps can be stored easily in a drawer for years. The durability of these stamps is better than other types.


You won’t be able to align more than two stamps together. At first, you will surely get a clear impression. After a few days, you will observe an unclear impression for sure. You should not store these stamps altogether in a single place for sure. In this way, you cannot use all those stamps anymore easier way.  

  • Postcard stamps for wedding

These amazing stamps cab be usually added by many people to create beautiful designs in any invitation card quite easily. Besides, the ethnic look of these stamps can make you fall for them with ease.    


You will be able to buy these kinds of stamps at lower prices with ease. The smaller size of these stamps will definitely help you to store these in a tiny case quite easily. You will be able to mix all kinds of stamps along with these wedding stamps for sure. Besides, you can wash the impression of this stamp with mild soap if needed. 


The soft and watery texture of this stamp can provide only smudged impression every time you use it. To avoid this particular disadvantage of these stamps, you need to go for a good brand for sure. Sometimes, you may observe a yellowish impression after using a single stamp for a long time. 

  • Ready-to-cling rubber stamp

These stamps have a better system to hide the workable portion in a smarter way. Thus, you will be able to save the ink from any kind of dust or dirt. 


The price of these stamps is lower than wood-mounted stamps for sure. The smaller size is helpful for people who want smaller space for stamp storage. You can apply other stamps along with these specific stamps to create a beautiful design quite easily.   


After using this stamp for a long time, you may observe stickiness for sure. This particular point can be problematic for anyone. You won’t be able to re-stamp the image to make it clear. The rubber bondage of this stamp will not allow you to do so.

Most people prefer to hire a professional, personalized wedding rubber stamp maker to avoid any major mistakes. Stamp By Step will definitely help you by providing fast and accurate service in a proper way. Apart from this, you will be able to receive the best service without facing any more headaches. However, many people like to design their wedding invitation cards according to their desire. This is how couples can easily satisfy their dreams in a smarter way. Apart from this, you can show your affection towards the guests with ease.  

You can now easily suggest to any of your friends or family members better and classic custom wedding stamps for sure. Besides, you can also make them understand the actual process of customizing wedding stamps. They will surely receive an overall idea of the budget as well as the required time. You should always place an online order at the earliest so that you can receive it on time.